Our Vicar

The Rev. Canon Richard M. McNeely, Jr.

Our Vicar was raised in the Church. In fact, his Great and Great-Great Grandfathers were both Episcopal priests and his Grandmother was raised in the Episcopal Rectory in Ogden, Utah. Canon McNeely was made a postulant in 2005 and after a year’s study passed a three-day written examination and was orally examined by the Board of Examining Chaplains and presented to the Bishop for ordination. He was ordained to the Deaconate by Archbishop Robert S. Morse at St. Peter’s Pro-Cathedral, Oakland, CA where he had served with then Father Morse as thurifer. He served with Archbishop James Provence for 6 years while continuing his studies at Saint Thomas’ Church. He passed both the written examination and another oral examination before the Board of Examining Chaplains and on September 18, 2011 he was ordained a priest by Archbishop James Provence at Saint Thomas’ Church.

Canon McNeely has served the Diocese for many years as its Chancellor and also serves as the Chancellor of the Provence to Archbishop John Upham. He is a member of the State Bar of California.