St Thomas of the Air Church

Saint Thomas of the Air Church

Growing out of the necessities of the COVID infection, Saint Thomas began broadcasting the Holy Communion Service from the Church. We named it the Saint Thomas Church of the Air. For people coming to the Church of the Air, each Holy Communion Service also includes a Spiritual Communion Service. The Morning and Evening Prayer Services and the Bible Discussion Group meeting are on Zoom in the Church of the Air.

We tied into an internet system that gave us 200mb of upload and a smooth broadcast. We were surprised and delighted when people from 7 States and from England joined the service.

St Thomas of the Air Church now carries all our services as well as the Bible Discussion Group meetings.

All are welcome to all services and Bible Discussion. If you are interested in attending any of the services or Bible Discussion Group, please send an email to the Church at or call (415) 928-4601. I will send you the Zoom link so you can join the online service.