Politics in the Pulpit?

Many Christians long for a church service based solely upon scripture and a non-political sermon. Many have been driven from church by the political rhetoric and New Age social theory being preached in today’s pulpits. And many of us seek a traditional and intellectual liturgy of worship. If you are searching for a spiritual homecoming, please read on–you may have found your home.

Saint Thomas’ Church is an Anglo-Catholic church based on Christian orthodoxy. That means scripture and spiritual guidance for all human beings, not politics. Our church is immune to passing fads and political opinion, and welcomes every age and lifestyle. Our diverse city was named for St. Francis of Assisi, who tamed a wolf, ministered to the poor, welcomed the stigmata, and made God smile with love. True Christianity puts no one in a box. It is a doorway to salvation. Thus we reach outward for fellowship and mutual redemption. The members of St. Thomas know that spiritual tradition, intellectual curiosity, and God’s great love are not mutually exclusive. All we need to do is show up, listen, pray, and rejoice. God will do the rest.

The liturgy of Saint Thomas’ Church is firmly anchored in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, and we sing from the 1940 Hymnal. Our choir is incredibly good. We use the King James Bible, so there is a historical poetry and meter to the service. We are the enduring Anglican-Episcopal Church that nourished Shakespeare, C.S. Lewis, Raymond Raynes, T.S. Eliot, Dorothy Sayers, and many other great thinkers. Nothing in our service is “dumbed down.” The history, mystery, and glory of the Church are preserved and offered up for all of us to explore. We are also a friendly place. We offer Sunday School so families are very welcome, and the children can play in the garden. We also offer weekly Bible study meetings, as well as other events that contribute to the community we serve.

If you would like to be part of a Church community devoted to God, with an intellectual focus on the eternal but without the politics, please read some of the sermons on this website and give Saint Thomas’ a visit. We are here every Sunday and will welcome you, God’s children.