About St Thomas Church

The Saint Thomas congregation formed in 1986 when San Franciscans sought a refuge of God’s love, free of the increasingly politicizing church. A place where people could practice the tenets of the Church of Jesus Christ in as close a manner to the Apostles as humanly possible. This little miracle church soon acquired the site and built what you see today. Like the church itself, the congregation is small but mighty. Devoted to God and loving of each other.

Our 8 a.m. service is intimate, without music. Approaching the monastic in its tone and timbre.

Our 10 a.m. service features professional organist and choir, 3 hymns and glorious music.

We offer Sunday School for our school aged children at the 10 a.m. service and babysitting for our youngest members.

We enjoy a weekly Evening Prayer and Bible Discussion Group at 2 PM and 5:30 PM. The discussion is lively and surrounds an informal look into a book of the Bible. There are no exams or quizzes. No homework. No papers to write. There is a glass of wine, laughter and fellowship each time we get together.